Brad Culley’s Painting & Sculpture Exhibition at Studio@Flinders


 Brad Culley is a Mornington Peninsula artist.  Since completing his Master of Arts at Monash University in 1999 he has had numerous exhibitions in Australia and Europe with his work now being collected internationally.

Brad explores a variety of themes through painting and sculpture.  He is currently focusing on portraits, using traditional realism to draw the viewer into the life of his subject.

His sculptural works are influenced by local wildlife and fauna creating abstract and realistic inspirations of animals and shells and reproduced into a large scale format which adds another element to the work.    Brad sculpts in steel and wood and the work is designed to live indoors as well as in garden environments adding a point of interest to the home.

The exhibition runs from December 15 – January 12 2011

For further information contact Studio @ Flinders on (03) 5989 0077

65 Cook Street, Flinders 3929 email: web:


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