Hastings Community House have ‘yarnbombed’ Hastings Library to promote their world record breaking knitted snake project.  Under cover of darkness the library was ‘bombed’ on Tuesday night bringing colour and flare to the building, street signs, bike racks, and anything else the women could find to attach their knitting.


4 thoughts on “YARNBOMBING @ HASTINGS”

  1. Thanks Yarnbombers! We’ve had so many positive responses to the wonderful, bright whimsical creations that adorn the library. What a great community event. Fiona MacNaughton, Library Services Co-ordinator, Hastings Library


    1. Excellent news Fiona,
      We loved the positive feedback also and agree the library was the perfect place to show case Hastings Community Yarn Art!
      Can’t rule out another secret yarn bomb before the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for more whimsical fun.


    1. Hi Nelly
      I’ve seen some yarnbombing up your way, on a street pole coming from Red Hill Primary just before the turnoff to Mornington. Hastings Community House are working on a continuous knitted snake project and the ‘bombing’ was done as a promotional activity. Contact Lisa Glover at Hastings Community House on 5979 2918

      Andrea Ebsworth


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