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Between the covers of this captivating publication by Author & Photographer Peter McConchie is a little known story, that demonstrates that wild fires can be avoided and for this to happen we may need to re think our attitudes towards the Indigenous people of Australia. This story told by Cape York Elders and Community leaders sits in stark contrast to the widely held view that fire is destructive and to be feared.

This is the seventh book by Peter McConchie who has worked for close to two decades with Elders and their communities across Australia photographing and recording their culture and knowledge so that it may reach and inspire a wider audience. Fire and the Story of Burning Country is a response from Indigenous Elders to the devastating Black Saturday fires in Victoria during the summer of 2009.

Dr Don Hankins, a specialist in fire ecology/pyrogeography, Indigenous land management practices and conservation of Indigenous cultural practices writes: 

“Where Indigenous fire is applied to the landscape it yields a mosaic of positive outcomes from resilience to growth. Where Indigenous fires have been removed from the landscape devastating bushfires are more common, as are their impacts on people and whole communities”. 

The book is published by Cyclops Press Hardcover, RRP $40 and can be purchased through

For retail enquiries or direct media: contact Peter McConchie on 0419 898 777

Media and PR Enquires: Nikki Fisher mobile: 0403 282 891

Peter McConchiePeter McConchie 2


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