What:  On Saturday November 23, 2013 I spent a morning with the Nepean Historical Society witnessing their History Writing Competition Prize Giving ceremony to the children of Sorrento.   It was delightful, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, sponsors and prize givers all cramming in together to celebrate the efforts of our wonderful young people, inspired to write about local history, with much of it about the history of the original inhabitants the Boon wurrung peoples of the Mornington Peninsula. 

Apart from the wonderful words from the President of the Nepean Historical Society, Bergliot Dallas coordinator of the project and the members of the society making the awards, the esteemed  peninsula Poet Weston Bates who awarded prizes to the year 6 students was passionate and enthusiastic about the children’s contributions.  He was animated and joyful about the student who entered a poem and was particularly pleased and highlighted the quality of her entry. 

Finn Harris's 'Bird's Eye View' Cartoon

Finn Harris’s ‘Bird’s Eye View’ Cartoon

While I was there, I was most taken with the St. Josephs School Sorrento’s project ‘Mannequins Up-cycled’. Beautifully crafted from photos, collaged textiles and papers.  absolutely exquisite exploration of  media to describe the past by our young people. 

A day at the museum 3

St Joseph’s Primary School Sorrento ‘Mannequins Upcycled’

Relentlessly yours Andrea Ebsworth, Cultural Planner, Mornington Peninsula Shire.

If you see anything that you think would be of interest to our arts and cultural audiences send me a note arts@mornpen.vic.gov.au


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