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What: Mornington Industrial Estate Artist Run Spaces Trail – Mornington Creative Spaces

 Nestled away in an otherwise ordinary industrial estate about 5 minutes outside of the town of Mornington, don’t be fooled by unassuming locations or exteriors — what you’ll find inside these four creative spaces is special indeed. Alongside panel beaters, car yards and welding shops sits Artspace 8, The Snake Hole Gallery, Baluk Arts and the Commonfolk Studios. All spaces are artist run and share a passion for art, for community and for creativity. Each of these creative spaces exhibit things made by hand, most on site in the warehouse and then are made available to the public in that very same space.

Each space has an air of urban industrialism about it, like a little bit of inner Melbourne has come to Mornington.

Artspace 8

Where: 8/71 Yuilles Rd (corner Penticost Rd), Mornington

 Art Space 8 is the first studio space for Art Space Victoria, a company established by Liz, Alice and Amelia Keep in May 2013. The studio is home to thirteen artists from the Mornington Peninsula. It developed from a desire to support local artists and crafts people. It was understood that artists found working from home isolating and they craved the company of others, especially fellow artists and creative people.

Artists have been hand selected based on the quality of their work and their ability to work within a communal environment. The artists’ work in a broad range of mediums and styles, from painting, photography, jewellery, collage, textiles and lighting. They each have their own stockists and clients to whom they supply. Art Space 8 is a working environment. Visitors are welcome by appointment only with the exception of exhibitions and Open Days. Today from 2-8pm

The Snake Hole Gallery
Where: 18 Progress St, Mornington

Josh Brown is a graphic artist living on the Mornington Peninsula who recently spent two years working in Sydney for iconic Australian surf/streetwear label, Insight, and previously for Balin Surf Hardware. Returning to the Peninsula mid-2012, Josh opened ‘The Snake Hole’, a small design studio and art gallery aimed to support local emerging artists and provide them with an opportunity to exhibit work alongside well established artists. Josh is currently a full-time freelance graphic designer and illustrator working predominantly in the fashion industry with clients to the likes of Insight, Ksubi, Ben Sherman, Element Skateboards, Wavertree & London and Volcom.

Baluk Arts

Where: 6 Bruce Street, Mornington

 Baluk Arts is a collective of Aboriginal artists local to the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and South east Melbourne. Baluk Arts was created by a group of Aboriginal people as a way to share culture, re learn culture and pass on culture to each other in a supportive positive environment. The artists are from diverse Aboriginal backgrounds from all over Australia and most have been impacted by the stolen generation. As Baluk Arts grew more successful and a strong group of artists formed they opened a large communal studio space with a small gallery in the front to gather, create works and share with the public. Artworks are all locally made, handmade and come with authenticity certificates. Artworks range from works on paper, sculpture, paintings, jewellery and products such as books, cards and scarves. All profits go back to the art centre to provide services and professional development for member artists and the local Indigenous community. The art centre has been featured in Art Collector magazine and work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria. The art centre presents open days, concerts and workshops and is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

Commonfolk Studio – Commonfolk
Where: 16 Progress St, Mornington

Commonfolk is home to Commonfolk Studio and Commonfolk Coffee Company. Commonfolk was named after the idea that the things we are offering are for the common person – an attempt to break down the hype set up around the idea or the ‘barista’ or ‘coffee expert’ or the ‘artist’ – we are all common people.

Commonfolk also refers to the people working within the walls of the warehouse. We are like-minded folk whose pursuits are different. The Commonfolk Studio is made up of three conjoined spaces  of Sarah Dingwall – glass, Caroline Jones – silver & jewels, Alice Keep – resin, each sharing the one entry, one little sink and one kettle.  There is a sliding window that opens into the café space of Commonfolk, and a blind we can pull if we’re feeling anti-social or extra-focused. Recently we fixed some display cabinets to the outside wall of the studio, which we’ve filled with our wares, so Commonfolk customers can see products we’re making in the same space as they’re enjoying their coffee. Commonfolk invites the public to view both the coffee roasting process and the creative processes of the three resident artists, with our goal to be an informative and interactive space.


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