Greg Daly

What: After Glow – Greg Daly (image above) An exhibition of brilliant lustre ceramics by a master artist that captures the changing beauty of the light – at sunrise, sunset, through cloud, rain, mist, dust and heat. 

When: March 15 to March 30 Skepsi @ Malvern

Where: Malvern Artists’ Society Gallery, 1297 High Street Malvern, Victoria, Australia

August 16 to August 31

What: Over 60 Australian Ceramic Artists present an extraordinary collection of work, emphasising  the delicacy of porcelain and the intriguing qualities of wood fire ceramics.  An exhibition catalogue will be available for purchase.

Where: Skepsi @ Montsalvat, The Barn Gallery, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Victoria, Australia

November 15 to December 7

What: Fluid by Brian Keyte
in the Front Gallery.   Presenting fluidity and liquid movement, through skillful, meticulous forms and incredible complexity of glaze, an amazing and beautiful exhibition.

Gallery 2
- Gifted 2014.
An exhibition of ceramics and jewellery ‘to give or to keep’
15 ceramic artists and renowned jeweller, Marilyn Verstraeten, offer magnificent artist made works for Christmas.

Where: Skepsi @ Malvern.  Malvern Artists’ Society Gallery 1297 High Street Malvern.

Contact: Anna Maas, Director, Skepsi Gallery, 0416 085 002, e P.O. Box 1109, Glen Waverley, VIC 3150



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