Ventana fest

What: Mito Elias presents [Ex] Isle as part of the Ventana Fiesta 2014
[Ex] Isle is a simple confession from someone who has undergone the emigrant experience on three different occasions, in three different countries
and on three different continents. It is testimony to the state of duality emigration submits us to, far from our mother tongue in which we were taught
how to sing, to smile and to cry. It is testament to the audacity and courage of the emigrants, no matter where they may be from, who seek other,
often uncertain comforts. This exhibition is also a reflection on the current condition of our world, so often lacking the simple gesture that lies just an
embrace away from us.

Mito was born in Cape Verde, an archipelago of the western coast of Africa, whose population is composed of Africans and Europeans and which was the first “crioulo” society on the Atlantic.  All of Mito’s artistic expression reflects this ancestral, ontological and visceral sense.  He does it through plastic, visual and poetic ways, overcoming frontiers stipulated by schools and trends, and creating his own style, away from the critiques’ catalogues, which he calls Mare Calamus.

He has been exhibiting regularly since 1983 and his drawings, paintings, written and videotaped work has travelled to many corners of the globe. He is represented in many collections around the world, with particular mention of the following, the World Bank (USA), BNU (Macau), Museu Afro Brazil – Sao Paulo (Brazil) and the Regional Government of Azores.

Where: Frankston Arts Centre

When: February 28 to March 28

Visit any one of the foll0owing to view further work on Mito:


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