cropped-micheals-header-2.jpg is now linked to Frankston Art Centre’s and the website of Culture Victoria & their Faebook page (see Blog Roll). 

The intention is to continue strengthening links to a number of online platforms that promote artists, arts groups along with the longstanding promotion of arts and cultural events from the Mornington Peninsula. 

The traffic to is increasing so linking Mornington Peninsula Artists (those living within the Mornington Peninsula Shire) to the Arts Blog Roll seems the next step in supporting  A Creative Peninsula. 

If you would like your name and website added to the blog roll which sits on the right-hand side of then send me the details and a descriptor/ artform.

When people visiting the arts blog site put a curser over your name it will tell them what you do. ie. Artist:  Michael Leeworthy – Painter, then people have the choice to visit your website and take in more of what it is you can offer.

Send your information to Andrea Ebsworth



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