What: The Renew Hastings Project is under way with 6 micro businesses located along High Street and surrounds.  Concentrating on Peninsula handmade and created artworks the project participants will develop a marketing campaign to attract people to Hastings to peruse some of the best artworks created on the Peninsula.

notice of achievement

Angie Baker from the Westernport Chamber of Commerce is situated in one of the shops, showcasing locally produced wooden sculptures, paintings, ceramics and jewellery.  Mornington’s Oak Hill gallery has established a ‘satellite’ space Oak Hill @ Hastings in Salmon Street to support Westernport artists; photographers, painters and printmakers.

I am wanting to establish  No 12 High Street as the High Street Artspace and would like to connect with other career artists/ creatives interested in running and promoting classes, community arts and festival arts making workshops from the back half of the shop as part of a social entrepreneurial model. 

Greg Hunt will be launching the project on Friday June 27 from 3pm – coming along and see what all the talk is about.

For further information about any of the ideas Andrea Ebsworth Cultural Planner Mornington Peninsula Shire


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