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What: Ganggan-Baluk Many Feathers Ceramic Installation at Flinders Lane Gallery. Over twenty-five Aboriginal artists from south east Melbourne have created Ganggan-Baluk (Many Feathers) ceramic installation to strengthen culture, community and connection to country. This work is featuring at Flinders Lane Gallery THIS WEEK as part of their Exploration 14 exhibition showcasing emerging artists.  This collaborative project and installation was a way to strengthen the Baluk Arts collective and ensure cultural revival, knowledge and to share an understanding of Aboriginal culture and creation. Each feather represents the uniqueness of each individual as all artists have different Aboriginal backgrounds from all over Australia but have come to the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and south east Melbourne through historical events, policy or forced removal and stolen generation. 

When: OPENING Thursday June 26 @ 5.30pm-7.30pm.  Exhibition runs until July 19

Where: Flinders Lane Gallery  137 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

For sales enquiries: phone 03 9654 3332

Clay leaves


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