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What: Whistelwood Art Consultancy & Private Gallery At Home with Art + Illustrated Talk with Emily McCulloch Childs.   The Big Myth supernatural beings, creation ancestors, major dreamings & mythology in Aboriginal art.

Author, curator, writer and PhD student Emily McCulloch Childs speaks on the great spirit beings such at the Rainbow Serpent, the Seven Sisters, the Dingo, fire, water and other dreamings that are believed to have ‘set the pattern’ of living for the natural world, and all in it.

Through a fascinating variety of images she will explore the Aboriginal belief system which is still alive today in spirit, and how art is the medium through which it lives on.

When: Sat Aug 2, @ 2.30 pm Followed by drinks and a private view of our latest Aboriginal art

Where: 642 Tucks Road Shoreham. 3016

Cost: $20 (Places limited. Bookings essential) 

Bookings: Or as below 

Enquiries: phone 5989 8282 or email


Mcculloch July 14

Melba Gunjarrwanga & James Iyuna, Buluwana at Dilebang, stringbark (Eucalyptus Tetradonta) with ochre pigment and pVA fixative, 194 x 65 cm. Maningrida Arts + Culture.


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