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What: Impro Club – Carole Patullo will be running fun-filled Impro classes once a month at S.PAC.

Improvisation is great fun and it’s good for you, fostering spontaneity, collaboration and playfulness. Perfect for anyone with an interest in writing, theatre and comedy. Or simply anyone who wants to spark their imagination and inspire others.

Where: Southern Peninsula Arts Centre 245 Eastbourne Road Rosebud

When: Once a month on July 26th 12pm – 3pm, August 23rd 1pm – 4pm, September 20th 1pm – 4pm, October 19th 1pm – 4pm.

Costs/ Ticketing: $35 – $40 per session

Website information: http://Promotional Heading: Acting Workshops with Carole Patullo

Enquiries & Booking Contact: Anthea Mackenzie 5986 8204



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