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What: Unpack This!

A comedy about a men’s Anger Management Workshop. Pain. Regret. Tears. And that’s just the counsellors.Geoff Paine played nice guy Clive Gibbons in the early years of Neighbours. 20 years later his real life neighbours-from-hell proved life wasn’t like the TV show.Unpack This! is a comedy exploring the funnier side of anger management. From the jargon riddled politically correct language, to the antics of a social worker who can’t control his temper, Unpack This! takes a look at what happens when two social workers try to show six men how to manage their anger, with varying degrees of success. A show for anyone who has ever lost their cool, blown a fuse, flown off the handle, gone through the roof, chucked a wobbly or just been plain angry. There’s almost always a funny side.’A sell-out in Melbourne, this show was one of the funniest I have seen in years – laugh aloud, eye-wateringly funny.’ Theatre Australia’With a rollicking familiarity that’s jarring, Unpack This! is as gut-busting as it is telling of human weaknesses.’ Camilla Peffer, Everguide

Where: Southern Peninsula Arts Centre 245 Eastbourne Road Rosebud

When: July 26th 2014 Doors open 6:30pm Licensed event.

Costs/ Ticketing: $22-$30

Website information:

Enquiries & Booking Contact: Anthea Mackenzie 5986 8204

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