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What: Call for Entries ­| Frankston Arts Centre Annual Open Exhibition Prize 2014Win an Exhibition at the FAC in 2014

This year’s theme is the Selfie, which has gained enormous global momentum over the last decade from a social media buzzword to a subgenre of self-portraiture. Submissions are required to explore how technology has changed the way in which we interact with images and the many other interesting issues and theories that the phenomenon of the Selfie raises.

Where: Cube 37, Frankston Art Centre | 37 Davey Street, Frankston

When: Application deadline | Friday 15 August, 4pm. All entries must be accompanied by an application form and entry fee of $16 and be dropped off to Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre.

Exhibition dates: Wednesday 20 August to Saturday 6 September @ Cube 37 Gallery

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 21 August 6pm to 8pm

Costs/ Ticketing: $16

Website information:

Enquiries & Booking Contact: 9784 1896 or via email:

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