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 Join us for a great day of painting at the beautiful Arthaven Studio at Sages Cottage and enjoy the glorious views & fresh country air. 

This fun one day workshop is designed for anyone who wants learn about applying mixed media in a way that you can produce your own style of a girl with a bird. It is designed for students with some painting skill but is very easy to learn.  You will learn how to prepare a background using the paint with a layering effect. You will be surprised how your work of art will come together effortlessly.

When: Sunday 2nd November 10-4pm 

Costs:  $110

Where:  Arthaven Studios, 85 Sages Rd. Baxter

Bookings and Enquiries: Michelle Cleaver  Ph: 0417 425 116  E: paintedpatch@hotmail.com or Lorin Randall  Ph: 0412 660 495 E: lorin@arthaven.com.au

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