Ru Atma

Hot off the press – read our first mini review:

“Imaginative, inventive, intelligent and highly entertaining, I Knew These People Too from RAWcollective is a complete reinvention of the theatrical experience incorporating comedy, contemporary dance, dramatic monologue, video and soundscape. The audience is invited to move from space to space observing and engaging with this unique and thought provoking show. I loved it.The wonderfully welcoming opulent surroundings of The Social provided the perfect backdrop for this production.” Andrea Louise Thomas Arts Editor, Pearl Magazine.

And here’s another fabulous review from last night’s performance: “I knew these people too is a feisty, moving performance, punctuated by heartbreaking storytelling, contemporary dance, singing and laughter. The show moves along at the perfect pace and strikes the right balance between comedy and intrigue. Brigitte Jarvis’s piece about Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome is full of emotion, yet handled with the utmost care, and Kelly Nash’s Queenie Kent is a past her prime showgirl to remember. The performances weave together seamlessly and create a lively evening to enjoy in a unique setting.” Rowena Wiseman, writer and blogger Twitter: @outaprintwriter Wattpad: @outaprintwriter

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