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What: Launch of the book ‘The Symphony’ by Paul Dillon with illustrations by Josh Brown from Snakehole Gallery Mornington

To celebrate the launch of local author Paul Dillon’s children’s book ‘The Symphony’, we invite you to The Nook on Sunday the 14th of Dec 2-6pm for an afternoon of drinks and nibbles. ‘The Symphony’ illustrator, Josh Brown, will be exhibiting the entire set of illustrations created for the eco children’s chapter book (all available for purchase).

“Each day and night a magical musical symphony is performed under the stars, the sun, and the moon. Each of the animals in the Balbirooroo wetland has a different voice and sound to make in their mysterious orchestra. Every day Sticky Webster, the symphony conductor, weave’s a spider’s web for each animal in her old gum tree. In the morning the sparkling dew drops settle on each web, and they become the musical notes that each animal is to sing in their part of the symphony.

But… the symphony is suddenly silenced when the oldest frog in the wetland The Balbirooroo Guru informs all the creatures that their water has been poisoned and all of the Pobblebonk frogs have left. Can five girls, a nosy blue dragonfly, a banjo playing cockatoo, and a young hero frog called Kobi save the Balbirooroo wetland and the symphony… If not it could even reach you humans too!!”

‘The Symphony’ books and ‘one off’ framed giclee prints of the book illustrations will be available for purchase at the launch along with a book signing from Paul Dillon.

PD book 2

When: Sunday 14 December 2014 from 2 – 6pm

Where:  The Nook Gallery, 18 Progress Street, Mornington


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