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If you thought of your life as a team, who would be your coach? Who is protecting your goals? Who is cheering you on? It is Grand Final Day in Melbourne. A man watches the match at home. He is flooded with memories. Of his team. Of his family. Of the histories he has lived through. And he is dreaming for the next generation, of those who will play on when he is gone. Outside, four teenagers are playing a game of their own. Their game has a round ball, and different rules. Their home ground is thousands of miles away. Sport, theatre, dance and music meet head-on in this uplifting new work from critically acclaimed Melbourne dance theatre company KAGE. Performed by professional dancers, actors and rising sports stars, TEAM OF LIFE honours both the great Australian game and the world game: Aussie Rules and football. Informed by workshops with young refugees and Indigenous youth, TEAM OF LIFE tells of their search for different kinds of freedom, dissolving the boundaries between sport, theatre and identity.

Conceived & Directed By Kate Denborough Music By Kelly Ryall And Kutcha Edwards

Photo credit: Jeff Busby

Where: Southern Peninsula Arts Centre 245 Eastbourne Road Rosebud

When: February 28th 1pm (70 minute running time)

Tickets $12: One parent FREE when accompanying TWO children (under 18). Show suitable for 11 year olds to adult.

Kage TEAM OF LIFE 2014_1697

Website information:

Enquiries & Booking Contact: Anthea Mackenzie 5986 8204


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