craft council logo 2013

What: CRAFT VICTORIA KICKS OFF ITS 2015 EXHIBITION PROGRAM WITH WHITE GOODS, a sensory and meditative installation placing white objects within a white gallery space. The exhibition explores the intellectual, spiritual and practical significance of daily utensils and objects and the religious and ritualistic practices that imbue their use and historical context.

Artists: Ebony Addinsall, Katie Jayne Britchford, Kris Coad, Eddy Carroll, Honor Freeman, Linda Hughes, Manon van Koujswik and Owen Rye.

Combining a variety of media including, ceramics, glass, textiles, marble and enamelled metals each object is explored in a highly personalised manner both theoretically and technically.

Unique in concept and experiential in design the installation creates an inclusive environment where the visitor can examine the translucency, texture and tactility of the object and contemplate the subtle nuances of the colour white.

Where: CRAFT, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia


Contact: 03 9650 7775

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am—6pm, Closed public holidays

LAUNCH: 4 to 6pm Saturday 7 February, exhibition runs from 6 February to 28 March 2015



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