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Building Resilience Through the Arts

In times of natural disaster in regional areas, communities band together to grieve and to find ways to recover and rebuild towns. They work to re-establish some sort of structure and reliability in their lives that resembles normality prior to the disaster. One of the vital ways that communities strengthen their ties with one another and build resilience is through the arts. The arts play an integral role in weaving the fabric of community back together.

Regional Arts Victoria’s Regional Cultural Forum, Building Resilience Through the Arts, will explore the definition of arts as recovery and will look at ways in which it is being implemented in regional communities around Victoria. The forum will bring together artists, arts workers and emergency recovery workers to discuss some of the successful work that has been done in disaster affected areas and the benefits the projects have had on the community.

By the end of the day you will have:

  • Gained an understanding of how the arts can be used in disaster preparedness and recovery
  • Heard about how communities have come together and built resilience through art
  • Discovered how communities can learn and share skills and experiences to help support one another and strengthen the community in future times of need
  • Had the opportunity to learn about past arts recovery projects and how best to implement arts projects during time of disaster

When: Wednesday 4 March, 10.00am to 4:30pm

Where: TBA, in Melbourne

RSVP: Places are limited so please RSVP by Monday 2 March to or phone: (03) 9644 1809

Membership: If you have received this invitation and are not yet a member of our Regional Cultural Network, please complete the Regional Cultural Network registration form and send it through with your RSVP to attend. Becoming a member of the Regional Cultural Network is free – so why not join? Membership of the network is open to Regional Arts Victoria members and local Government arts and cultural workers. Group and individual members of Regional Arts Victoria who have not attended a Regional Cultural Network meeting before will need to complete a Regional Cultural Network registration form if they wish to attend the event.

Speakers: Bruce Esplin AM: Former Emergency Service Commissioner Victoria Jones: Senior Arts Officer, Creative Victoria Cliff Overton: The Tree Project


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