What:  The project Jordan Sibley No. 206 reflects on the inner workings of the young artist’s mind as they explore their beliefs, experiences and interests.

The exhibition presents a range of different processes of art making, from the improvised to the pre-meditated, experimenting with different artistic mediums and stylised aesthetics. Focussing on the hand-crafted, with emphasis put on the importance of the artists intervention within the artwork, each work has been uniquely crafted—rebelling against the notion of the conveyor belt replication of standardised pop-culture. The work is finally gift wrapped with a hand-painted wallpaper wrapping around the room, thereby gluing each individual artwork together into a combined collage.

This room-collage consists of series of hand-crafted projects made over a period of time, that know no time-limit and continuously evolve. The artworks vary in medium, subject matter and aesthetic, and when combined they create an immersive installation, inviting the viewer to inspect every detail of the work. With so much to see and experience, each viewer will have their own individual take on selections of the work.

When: 25 February—13 March CLOSING EVENT: Wednesday 11 March, 5-7 pm

Where: Second floor, Union House, University of Melbourne Gallery hours: 11am-5pm Monday to Friday T: 8344 5418 E: gpg@union.unimelb.edu.au WWW: umsu.unimelb.edu.au/gallery

IMAGE: Jordan Sibley, Untitled, 2014. Various media
IMAGE: Jordan Sibley, Untitled, 2014. Various media

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