Adam gallipoli

On the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli / Gelibolu battle, I’ve teamed up with Turkish artist ChanCé to bring you this tribute to our ANZAC and Turkish soldiers who fought at Gallipoli from April 25, 1915.

You can listen to the song on Youtube and share it with your friends.

It was recorded in Istanbul last year.  Every day ChanCe and I would head from the Europe side of Istanbul to a small town on the Asian side, to work on the song at A1 Studios. We spent some time down on the Gallipoli Peninsula, and walking the beaches at ANZAC Cove was truly moving. It was an absolute highlight of my musical career, and life, and so many friendships with the people of Turkey came from the experience. We hope you enjoy the song, and decide to download it so you can listen throughout these months of Gallipoli commemoration. Gallipoli is now also on Australia’s ARIA singles chart this week, so please download to ensure this song of national beginnings and friendship can be cemented in the charts in time for the commemoration in two weeks time on ANZAC Day, 25th April. Given the sensitivity of Gallipoli and that this is a period of commemoration, the ultimate motivation behind the release of this song for us is not commercial gain.    The song was born out of friendship between the two nations, and a desire to have the innocence of our lost soldiers expressed, with the message of peace and friendship between once warring nations spread across the world.   The Gallipoli battle is a prime example of how two countries after just 100 years can not just put down their weapons, but commemorate together as one, commemorating the boys on the battlefield from whichever side they belonged.

Credits: CHANCÉ (vocals)  ADAM DUNNING (vocals)  ENGIN GÖKKAYA (classical guitar)  VECIHI AKıN (flugelhorn)  FAHRI KARADUMAN (solo violin)  HANDE GENÇÖRNEK, AHMET SERKAN (backing vocals) KEMPA (strings) ALI YıLMAZ (baglama) NEDIM IKIZMEN (bass)  ÖMER ARSLAN (percussion)


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