Nabo Community Grants is a national grants program that forms part of our commitment to supporting and strengthening local communities.

Nabo Community Grants will provide $50,000 worth of funding for projects or programs that help build safer and stronger communities.

To enter, simply become a member, create a group profile for your community group or charity on and complete the online Nabo Community Grants application form.

There will be $10,000 available for each group of states and territories.

The community grant groups consist of:

  • Queensland – closing date 5 April
  • New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory – closing date 26 April
  • Victoria – closing date 24 May
  • South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania – closing date 28 June
  • Western Australia – closing 26 July

Nabo Community Grants will be awarded to projects or programs that encourage one or more of the following:

Community connectedness – Projects or programs that assist in building healthier and more vibrant communities and ultimately foster community spirit.

Disaster preparedness and responsiveness – Projects or programs that support communities to be better prepared for and respond to a disaster.

Community inclusion – Projects or programs that encourage more inclusive communities by connecting and supporting marginalised Australians, for example:

  • Culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Disadvantaged youth
  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex (GLBTQI) community
  • Indigenous
  • People with a disability
  • The aged.
    • Completed projects or programs
    • Fundraising campaigns and appeals
    • Religious and political activities
    • Travel, study or attending conferences
    • Ongoing operational costs such as rent, power, labour and administration costs required for the implementation of a project or program
    • Retrospective or deficit funding request, including funding of past activities, loan repayments or operational deficits.
    • Applications for the Nabo Community Grants are open to community focused, not-for-profit organisations, registered charities and individuals endorsed as a deductible gift recipient.

      National organisations are welcome to apply provided the project or program they nominate operates only within one state or territory.


      Successful entrants must:

      1.Be a legal entity in Australia with a current Australian Business Number (ABN)

      2.Be one or more of the following: ◦Registered Australian charity

      ◦Not-for-profit community organisation

      ◦Deductible gift recipient

      3.Have a project or program idea that encourages and assists to help build safer

      and stronger communities

      4.Deliver an Australian-based grant-funded project or program that will support one

      of our community grant themes.

      Nabo Community Grants will not fund:

      • Organisations without an ABN
      • Individuals, unless endorsed as a deductible gift recipient
      • Organisations that operate for profit
      • Unincorporated associations
      • Schools, TAFEs, Colleges and Universities
      • Government organisations
      • Political organisations
      • Religious organisations
      • Projects or programs that will be implemented outside of Australia

      Additionally, Nabo Community Grants will NOT be considered for requests including:
      Applications / Guidelines

      Application methods: Online


      Contact Details


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