What: Angela Russo is exhibiting in the Foyer Exhibition space @ Mornington Library from 12 June – 10 July.

Artist’s Statement

How wonderful is it to spend time painting “The Beauty and Wonder that is life….the people, the places, the animals.” My desire in painting is to share this beauty, to evoke happy memories, to hear the music, to be uplifted and feel the joy. My artwork is about capturing the essence of the subject matter and this is done in my favourite medium of pastel and charcoal. I love the vibrancy of the colours, the directness of the application and the diversity of effects.

The collection of works on display is in 3 groups African animals, Musicians and Landscapes. The collection of animal artworks was inspired by visits to an open range zoo and each painting tells its own story.

The musician collection was inspired by the many music performances I have had the opportunity to attend. When I look at these I can hear the music and feel the joy it gives. These works are in charcoal and conte`.

The Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and Venice feature in the places I have captured. I love the history of the buildings, the beaches, the parks and the special memories I have of each. These works are in pastel or pen and wash.

photo (6)

Please Note Angela will be at the exhibition on Fridays from 12.30 till 2pm to demonstrate and will also be selling fine art prints and original artworks.

Angela would love the opportunity to meet with people interested in her work and to share the story behind each painting.

Angela Russo "By your side"
Angela Russo “By your side”

 For further information contact Angela directly 0402 217 151 or email her


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