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What: A Gunmok woman from Western Arnhem Land, Lorraine is a custodian of her people, preserving rich culture and traditions through her art and the stories handed down to her as a child. Kabbindi describes her painting as being in the Mimih style of her forebears. This typically involves the depiction of spirit beings and the animals and plants of her grandfather’s country, painted on plain ochre ground. Animals are either painted in solid white form or else in the x-ray style, with their internal physiology on display. Spirits beings on the other hand are decorated with the single parallel hatching or rarrk (fine line work) characteristic of the art of her grandfather’s clan. Where: (site where the activity will take place)

When: 2 July to 1 Aug

Costs/ Ticketing: Free

Website information: http://artscentre.frankston.vic.gov.au/Exhibitions_Workshops/Exhibitions/Current_Exhibitions/Kolkiwarra_Lorraine_Kabbindi_White

Enquiries & Booking Contact: Cube 37 03 9784 1896

cUBE 37 jULY



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