What: GET A JOB – A basic guide to self-employment is a booklet designed to help people take the leap and take control of their work lives, whether it be for people starting from scratch, early school leavers or bridging the gap from your fulltime job, this handbook will have something for everyone.

GET A JOB is a booklet of around forty pages with 32 hand painted illustrations. It covers everything from dressing the part to actually getting the work.

micheals book cover

The handbook ‘GET A JOB – A basic guide to self employment’ is now available on KICKSTARTER the crowd funding website designed to launch innovative ideas and social campaigns. It would be fantastic if you could check out the campaign, pledge for a reward or even share within your social media network.  We hope that you can help pass this message on.

Please follow the link below to see my new kickstarter campaign that is 40 years in the making.

You can also visit us at for more information on the journey.

A little bit more about Michael the Author.



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