NewLogoCreativeFINALAAI Logo 2014 blackWhen: Nov 7 from 9am – 5pm

Where: Safety Beach Yacht Club

Cost: $20pp includes luncheon, morning and afternoon teas

For bookings:

Secrets of Success: OUTLINE OF THE DAY

For independent artists, small-medium arts organisations or creative industries

Morning 8:30am for 9:00am start – 1:00pm  — The Business & Your Beliefs

The morning seminar is a fast passed fun run through the knowledge, information, tools and confidence you need to understand your art as a business and to succeed in running/starting an arts business.

  • What is an arts business? and what to do to have a successful one.
  • You’re an entrepreneur: deploy your creativity to make a living.
  • The money stuff:  get it, manage it, invest in yourself.
  • Manage your time:  balance the art and the business.
  • Manage your mind: eliminate limiting beliefs

Afternoon 2:00pm – 6:00pm  — Marketing  & Confidence

The afternoon includes experiential learning activities that make a profound change in the way you see yourself and your art.

  • Goals and results:  set goals and visualise results
  • Your future success: plant the image of success in your personal time line.
  • Customers and marketing:  why people love you and want more of you.
  • How to sell yourself and your art: Don’t sell . . . share your brilliance.
  • Use smarter more effective marketing:  stop spruiking the product, identify the benefits

BONUS: The afternoon also includes information about how to progress with the work from today by leaning about the incubator’s on-line training program,  The Artists Transformation School.



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