Justine Macnamara reduced 27 10 15 IMG_7231What: Mornington Peninsula artist Justine McNamara will celebrate the humble milk bar in her upcoming solo exhibition at Sorrento Gallery. 

Her ‘Milk Bar Days’ series captures milk bar nostalgia in the colourful retro style that is unmistakably the signature Justine McNamara approach, with vibrant gelato colours. 

Justine paints in a contemporary retro style and displays a captivating talent for capturing the essence of Australia and our coastal lifestyle. Her characters and landscapes speak of an innocence and vibrancy in everyday living, and her works are inspired by her love of colour and culture. 

For the past decade Justine’s works have has focussed on the role memory plays on how our past is constructed in the present. Her nostalgic, cheery paintings celebrate memory, and process feelings of connection and loss to encourage conversations with her audience about change.  

Highly respected amongst her peers, Justine’s work has also been showcased on Creative Peninsula banners throughout Rosebud, Rye & Sorrento as an arts initiative with the Mornington Peninsula Shire and in particular Justine has created each of the welcome banners in Sorrento, an initiative of the Portsea & Sorrento Chamber of Commerce. 

Where: ‘Milk Bar Days’ will be showing at Gallery Sorrento, 148 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento. 

When: Saturday 21 November – 6 December 2015

Justine McNamaraIMG_7076




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