NewLogoCreativeFINALWhat: On exhibition in the Foyer Exhibition Space @ Mornington Library

SABRA LAZARUS 27 Nov – 29 Jan 2016

Artists Statement:

I’m a local artist, living on the Mornington Peninsula. Family, friends and playing in the sea (summer only!) – heaven on a stick. Here on the coast, I spend a lot of time roaming around at Point Nepean, on the back beach and up and down the streets of Sorrento, looking, listening and chatting – there’s a lot going on.

This is the stuff of my paintings, the day-to-day adventure of living. My works are a visual take on the dialogue between what I see and what I feel. I spend a lot of time pondering different ways of being and living, what we do and why?

The works are a take on the extraordinary often hidden in the ordinary. I paint for the joy of painting, for the challenge of getting what’s in my head onto canvas, sharing a story, and expressing a “what’s not to like” philosophy of life – I see a lot of humour in the business of living.

I paint in acrylics because they dry fast and I love to paint flat out.

All works are for sale contact Sabra directly on 0458 211 258 or E:

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