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What: Summer Salon + Art Parade

An exhibition of 80 + outstanding Aboriginal paintings, barks, carvings, ceramics & ochres with beautiful new works by established artists and rising stars from: • Central Deserts (Hermannsburg watercolours, Tangentyere Artists) • Western Deserts (Papunya Tula, Yuendumu, Balgo) • Eastern Deserts (Utopia, Ampilatwatja) • APY Lands (Ernabella, Iwantja, Mimili, Ninuku, Tjala, Tjungu Palya) • The Kimberley (Claude Carter, Freddie Timms, Billy Thomas, Jock Mosquito) • The Pilbara (Martumili Artists including Nora Wompi, Bugai Whyoulter) • Arnhem Land (Buku Larrnggay Mulka, Maningrida) • Mornington Peninsula (luminous Peninsula views by Robert Kelly of Baluk Arts)

Part art lecture, part theatrical event our Art Parades are a lively and informative way of viewing the 80+ works on offer while exploring the mythologies that background the art, the differing regional styles and the significance of the artists. (NB. Seating limited & bookings essential…Tickets are selling fast!)

When: Sunday January 16 @ 16 @ 2pm Exhibition runs until 26 January. Followed by Opening Drinks from 4 pm (no booking needed)



Exhibition open: Sun Jan 17 + Sat-Tues Jan 23–26.  11am-5pm

Untitled.pnArt parade Whistlewood


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