Museums Australiasia 2016What: Future: Local, Global and Pacific Possibilities

 MA Members Bursary application form

Conference bursaries ranging from $500 to $2000 are available to Museums Australia members for the Museums Australasia 2016 Conference Future: Local, Global and Pacific Possibilites 15-19 May 2016, Auckland, New Zealand. This is the first joint conference of Museums Australia and Museums Aoteroa.


  1. The applicant or the institution they represent must be a member of Museums Australia.
  2. The applicant must submit all details required on the application form (see below).
  3. If successful, bursary recipients are to provide a report by 17 June 2016 to the Museums outlining their conference experience. The report must include a financial acquittal, including receipts.
  4. Special Division Requirements
    1. Successful ACT applicants will be required to give a brief presentation to ACT members after the Conference about their conference experience.
    2. Members who have received a MA ACT Branch bursary in the last three calendar years are not eligible to apply.
  5. Only the individual in receipt of the award may use a bursary.
  6. Bursaries can only be spent on Museums Australasia 2016 Conference registration, related international and domestic travel, and related accommodation. Partial funding for conference costs will be considered where applicants have other funding for registration or travel (such as through their employer or institution).
  7. Members of the MA Committees are not eligible to apply.
  8. Electronic applications must reach the contact listed below by the closing date and time.
  9. The applicant must submit all details required on the application form including an explanation of their need for assistance, a plan to share their experience with others in their institution or region, and a budget for attendance at the conference.
  10. Applications for funding will be assessed by the Bursary Sub-committees, of the respective MA divisions.
  11. Your nominated bank account will be credited with the bursary funds before the conference. Bursary funds not spent need to be refunded to the Museums Australia.
  12. Per diem expenses, such as meals, incidental costs, local transport and social event registrations are not eligible to be included in proposed bursary budgets.
  13. Wage reimbursement will not be funded.
  14. Bursary applications will be entitled to early bird rates on conference registration.

Application forms are to be submitted online by the due date.  Contact Museums Australia to request the online Application Form.

Closing date and time: 5pm Monday 29 February 2016


Successful applicants will be notified by mid-March 2016.


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