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What:  Perry Fletcher 70 – A Journey So Far – Highlighting Diversity

When: Sunday  1 May from  2 – 4pm Exhibition continues through to 29 May

Where: Oak Hill Gallery 100 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Mornington 3931

P: 59734299 E: art@oakhillgallery.com.au  www.facebook.com/OakHillGallery

Cost: $2

Perry Fletcher

Behind the Etching

Perry Fletcher has a reputation as one of the world’s finest engravers.

A Vietnam veteran who served between 1967 and 1969, Fletcher spent five years creating the masterpiece The Last Supper 1970-76, upon his return. The massive panel is on display at the MPRG to acknowledge the contribution of returned veterans in more recent wars.

Perry arrived back in Australia from Vietnam after five months of Operations and the completion of his two year commitment as a National Service Conscript 1967 – 1969.

Needing a rest and inspiration he travelled to Europe to study art and visit the Galleries. When in Europe it soon became apparent that wonderful paintings were in abundance but far fewer engravings exhibited and none of any significant size.

On his return to Australia in March 1970, Perry chose a nomadic lifestyle, moved into a one roomed flat in Hawthorn, Victoria and started on his massive commitment, having purchased a 5′ x 2′ piece of brass began his 6 year journey and when completed recognised as a proclaimed Master Piece in Australia, The Last Supper and Borders 1970 – 1976. This work of art is probably the largest engraving completed in modern times especially on a single piece of brass. Perry’s design and creation of the boarders that compliments Da Vinci’s painting are exquisitely unique and so intricate featuring 370 figures, 500 scrolls and excess of 30,000 dots taking 5 years to complete. Over 3000 hours were spent on the engraving, all done freehand with a dentist’s drill (a unique medium) engraved early mornings and late nights in-between him earning an income as an engraver.

After the completion of this remarkable piece of work in 1976, it was articled in Newspapers around the world and exhibited in Queens Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital for some years, and featured on Australian Television several times.

Perry Fletcher, known as “Fletcher the Etcher” aged 70 of Mornington is arguably one of the world’s finest engravers and etches onto to a variety of mediums from glass to goose eggs, wax, and most famously brass for his rendition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The last Supper plus borders.

What set’s Perry apart from the rest is the tool he uses. Perry engraves with a old dentist’s drill. Perry’s portfolio of clients bursts at the seams with pieces such as the Winner’s Trophy for the Australian Open, the Olympic Committee, Vermont football Club, Bonville Golf Resort and Collingwood Football Club.

Perry is also a talented and accomplished painter and has create hundreds of pieces from impressionist masterpieces, interpretation of Van Gogh and Monet a small selection of his paintings can be viewed in Oak Hill Gallery for the month of May

To see more from the artist visit:  www.perryfletcherau.com


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