FAC_logo- 2012 1What: Theatre performance including puppets

Take flight with your imagination with this beautiful production of The Little Prince adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

With its timeless message about the importance of friendship, The Little Prince is an adventure story that celebrates the richness of human feeling and imagination.

Associate Director of Spare Parts and director of the production, Michael Barlow, said that The Little Prince is an imaginative and vivid work, continually reminding us of the magic of the imagination.

“The work speaks strongly about what really matters in life. It isn’t expensive or flashy things that have the greatest value, it’s the people we form relationships with”  he said

Where:  Frankston Arts Centre, 27-37 Davey Street, Frankston

When:  Tuesday 21 June, 11am*, 5pm

Tickets:  Member $20, All Tickets $25 Family (4) $80 School $15


Enquiries & Bookings:  P: 03 9784 1060

Little Prince Facebook 2


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