What: The Arts Party is standing 20 candidates at the 2016 Federal Election – 13 Senate candidates across all states and 7 standing for the House of Representatives in NSW, QLD, VIC and TAS. Those seats are Bennelong, Dunkley, Franklin, Longman, Petrie, Warringah and Wentworth.

Additionally, Margaret Pomeranz and Peter Phelps have joined and added their endorsement this week, joining Bryan Brown, John Jarratt, Ben Quilty, Lex Marinos and Geraldine Turner among others, in supporting our purpose and principles at this election and beyond. Further endorsements will be released shortly.

We are a principle-driven party, without ideology that wants to introduce an independent Senator for the Arts to our democracy, a new voice and sensibility looking to work with all sides, on win-win solutions that improve the lives of every Australian. We’ve enough lawyers, accountants and lobbyists in our parliaments.


  • We are less than 2 years old, have almost 2500 paid members, and are the only party in Australia to be crowdfunded into existence. We also crowdfunded again in May 2016 to stand our current candidates. Popular support created and sustains us.
  • We are the only party in Australia dedicated to encouraging a more creative, cultural, educated and prosperous life for every Australian. We are the only Arts Party in the World.
  • We are a MAJOR REASON why the Arts is a significant issue at this election.
  • Our National Cultural Policy includes mandatory music education (instrument learning and group singing) for all primary state school students, free entry to all government funded museums and galleries below the age of 21 and over the age of 65, and the Arts placed at the centre of the Innovation Agenda. Policies available, covering many ways to improve (and pay for) our shared future as Australians.
  • We share all our policy ideas with all other parties in the hope they will adopt some.  The Greens adopted and credited some of our ideas in their latest arts platform. Others have borrowed without acknowledgement, but that’s fine!

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