FAC_logo- 2012 1What: Simon’s Final Sound

Simon’s Final Sound is an adult comedy by multi-award winning Australian playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer and produced by Blue Cow Theatre.  Four people on a boat. There’s Simon, an unemployed dreamer with dodgy hearing. Michael, with his grey suit, grey sandwiches and grey life, and his wife Ginny, frustrated and craving excitement. And there’s Claude. Think of the loudest, most annoying person you know, and triple it. That’s Claude. And they’re all stuck together on a boat, looking for an island that may not exist.   Launching from a jetty of loss and melancholy, Simon’s Final Sound takes the audience on a colourful South Seas voyage with plenty of hula skirts, high-jinx and belly laughs, and makes land on an island of insight and compassion.

Where: Frankston Arts Centre, 27-37 Davey Street, Frankston

When:  Tuesday 13 September @  8pm

Tickets:  Member $46, Full $52, Conc $49, Group 10+ $49

Enquiries: Phone: 03 9784 1060


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