cropped-imgp4089What: Call for Entries

The notJack Writers’ Prize has its origins in the work of Australian philosopher and writer Raimond Gaita. The prize presents a great opportunity for writers of all genres – writing on the theme of place – to receive publicity through the prize website or anthology, and to compete for a $5000 cash prize or a visual artist collaboration prize.

The notJack Writers’ Prize recognises the significance of place for Australian writers. Accordingly, the theme of the prize is ‘writing from place’. It is a deliberately broad theme designed to encourage entrants from all genres, whose writing demonstrates creative engagement with place and/or shapes the significance of place for their audience. $5000 cash and artist collaboration prizes available.

Entry Details: Up to 3000 words or 40 lines of poetry. The entry form, guidelines and other prize details visit

Entry fee: $20 per entry. Both the Open and Baringhup categories

Closes: 15 November 2016

For further information contact:


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