FAC_logo- 2012 1Blokes is a new dance work investigating the myths, truths and the stereotypes of how to be a man in our society.

Dance artists Matt Cornell and Joshua Thomson are drawing on their experiences during speed-apprenticeships with men in the extreme north and their own history growing up in outback Australia. These stories, physicality and no-nonsense approach functions in their show to make space around the notion of what it is to be a man.

Key in the artistic process is the involvement of blokes themselves – while further developing the work in Frankston, they will work with the Pine’s Men’s Shed and other community groups as they continue on their quest to capture the humour, bravado and fragility of the Aussie ‘bloke’.

When: Friday 25 November, 9.30pm
Where: Shipping container – Frankston Library Forecourt, 60 Playne Street, Frankston
Enquiries: 03 9784 1896



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